Never Going Back

March 5, 2013
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Turning away at last
And I’m never looking back
Let it all just fade away and become
Another relic of my past

You know it never made me happy
I’m full of joy just walking away
And nothing anybody could ever do or say
Could ever get me to come back and stay

I was rarely more miserable my entire life
And finally I’m free
I’m never gonna step foot in there again
Let’s see anybody just try and make me

Sure there were bright spots
And those I’ll cling to
But the rest of it all...
I’ve got better things to do

Better places to be, better people to meet
Better things to do, better than all of this
All this time I couldn’t wait to leave
And now I’m finally getting my wish

When everything starts tumbling down
When the world is swallowed up by the sea
Maybe then I’ll go back one last time
I probably won’t have anywhere else to be

Just kidding. Of course I will.

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