Invisibility Is a Feeling

April 30, 2008
By Jessica Duarte, Chicago, IL

"I'm sorry!" Is what I want to shout,
Yet I say it a thousand times in my head.
Everyday I wish to be a kid again,
So once more you can tuck me in bed.
You expect me to be the greatest,
And do my best on everything i can.
"They take away the things you love the most in life,"
I can relate to that.
Yes, I can.
At times people think they have you figured out,
The next... they dont know a thing.
When sadness comes toward my way,
Nothing makes sense- not a thing.
Heartbreaking days are everyday,
And rainy days I wish they were.
Because happiness is a thing for me
That was never really there.
A heart full of sorrow and terrible fears,
Is what makes me tear.
For everyday,
There is a time,
I wish I were never here.

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