She's Plain, Unique and Once Herself

March 20, 2008
By Danielle Outlaw, Bronx, NY

She's plain, unique and once herself.
Messed up by the fast life.
Caught up in the mix.
Giving up her dreams for that man on the corrner.
She just wants to be loved.
So it starts all over again.
New man, different name and face living the same life as the last one.
Once again..
It never fails..
Pretty faces are just a played ace.
Smart girls are fast cash.
Money, weed and fine women to wine and dine with.
That's all he wants in life.
Yet he knows he wants her.
Just as bad as she wants him.
So to prove her love she gives herself up.
Letting him mold her into his image of what a women should be.
He brought those lies and she ate them.
No longer a woman but a sex symbol.
Knowing she don't belong in this life.
She'll just cry and turn around and accept the life for love.
She doesn't want you to tell her anything, but wants to drag her out to see whats better.
But, all she does is run back.
Maybe she'll get it when she see's all he's doing is acting and not caring about loving.
When it's too late she'll relize sahee's another body shown in the museum of unsaved could of been role models.

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