There's a Lot of Ways to Tell One STory

March 14, 2008
By Stephanie Riley, Templeton, CA

there's a lot of ways to tell one story
just as there is a lot of ways to say
he's dead
for awhile I only said
he won't call me on the phone anymore
and when I decided to let it hurt more, I said to myself
he's abandoned me
Or I thought, he doesn't ever get to her my new CD
or know how my life is playing out
although the day I lost my virginity to a new boy, or when I realized I was happy again, I though maybe that isn't such a bad thing
When they spread his ashes at sea
I said to myself,
the sea has him and I do not
and truly the most terrifying was when I said,
he doesn't feel anymore
because he told me one day
while I stared at my socks
"feeling is everything"
"I would rather feel bored every day of my life"
"than feel nothing at all"
any way you say it
he's still dead

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