One Final Message

February 20, 2008
By Meghan Eagen, Phoenix, AZ

She stares outside her chamber’s window,
Across the vast lands of her husband’s kingdom she sees:
Death. War. Bigotry.
Intolerance for her people,
Abhorrence for them all.
Does her king see what he is doing to her?
Her native fairy tribes,
For which her loyalty lies,
Are suffering under the hands of a tyrant,
Her husband.
What can she do?
She cannot fight,
She is the queen.
Out of her guard’s sight,
She will never be seen.
But she cannot stand by,
While her people cry.
A statement must be made!
Into the background she cannot fade.
A thought has been clouding her brain,
The depression she suffers,
The emotional pain,
One more minute of this she can no longer maintain!
She looks at her daughter,
Identical tears stain each other’s cheeks,
One final kiss on her only child’s forehead she leaves,
Some parting words,
A final embrace.
Queen Iduna of the Fairies stares outside her chamber’s window,
One final time,
Before she teeters upon a ledge,
And plummets to the ground below.
Her final stand,
A message to her husband,
One last communiqué.
If he wouldn’t listen to her in this life,
Maybe her point will get across,
While she is in the World of the Dead.
Hopefully, finally, it gets through his head.

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