July 30, 2008
By Sara Jacobsen, Utica, IL

All she can do,
Is sit in the bathroom and wait.
Wait for something,
Anything to remind her
That she will be okay in time.

The thoughts of everything
Keep running through her head;
And it’s keeping her awake.
She takes one long, hard look in the mirror
And wonders what has happened.

Her cheeks stained with tears,
And her eyes bleeding black,
She can’t stand the sight anymore.
So she falls to the floor;
Lying in a pool of her own tears.

She reaches for the rose he gave her,
And grasps it in her hand
Until the thorns pierce her skin.
The petals fall one by one,
And the world around starts to blur.

The entire room begins spinning,
And she can’t even bare to stand.
She feels it in her throat now.
She begins to heave,
But nothing comes out,
So she collapses one final time.

Lying alone on the floor,
Barely able to breathe,
She faintly screams out for help.
But her voice is too weak,
And no one can hear her,
So she continues to lie there,

Unable to scream,
Or even make a sound,
The seconds take hours to pass.
She doesn’t know when
She’ll be able to move,
So she doesn’t even bother to try.
She finally sits up,
And stumbles her way to the bathtub,
Falls in and lets the water start to run.
She can’t take it anymore,
She just wants this to end,
So she’ll have to do it herself.

The tub starts to flood,
And her blood starts to flow,
The whole world begins to go black.
She sees a white light,
And her eyes roll back in her head.

It’s all over now.
As she lies on the floor,
Her final breath leaves her lungs.

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