Never Safe

August 27, 2008
I’m trying to start my life anew
Thoughts of the past still fill my head
I think of how I fell for you
The day you hit me, the day I bled
The night I finally turned and fled
You ignored my cry, neglected my plea
I wish I’d foreseen what was ahead
Why didn’t you just let me free?
Instead you had to come after me.

Bless the little dreaming girls
I used to believe the lies
Blind to the truth of the real world
May you cover their innocent eyes
The mirror reflects my own demise
I fall to my knees and to God I pray
Hidden beneath this false disguise
Until the bruises fade away
Tomorrow will be a better day

Kiss me softly and hold me tight
I’m never safe, always afraid
My cry is heard in the depth of night
Sometimes I wonder if I should have stayed
Toughened up and taken the blade
I guess God didn’t hear my prayer
Though every night I prayed
I’m hurt and though it isn’t fair
My pain is just my cross to bear

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