August 27, 2008
By Josh Wyer, Fresno, CA

A Bright Sunny Day Can Turn

Into A Dark Stormy Night.

The Sun Falls As You Succumb To The Sandman

It Rises As You Are Awakened From Deep Sleep.

Time Moves Fast and Quickly Slips Away

Before You Even Have A Chance To Spend It.

Remember The Times We Wasted

On Poor Things That Never Mattered.

In The End We Regret The Things

We Never Got To Do Or Say.

The Hands On The Clock Are Ticking

And Midnight Is Your Last Chance.

As Summer Evolves Into Fall

Winter Becomes Spring.

Lifes Changes Fast Like Seasons, Or

A Hummingbird’s Flapping Wings.

Live Life Beautifully, Take Every Chance

to Love, Play, Even Sing A Song.

Spend Time With The Ones That Mean The Most

Cause You Never Know What You Have Until It's Gone.


The author's comments:
A lot of us take things for granted and it's a common thing for people to realize what they have when it's too late to cherish it. I hope this poem inspires people to live every day like your last.

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