The Little Girl Behind The Lies

August 27, 2008
By Cassandra LeAnn Chalmers, Greenville, OH

I want to wish upon a shooting star

to change the person that you are.

To warm your cold, shallow, veins.

For you to change your hurtful ways.

If I had an eraser that wipes the pain away,

I’d scrub it all until the positive stays.

I would take all the magic in the world

to bring back that little girl.

The little girl I see in your eyes

hidden behind a wall, built of lies.

I want to take a flame to the waxes around your heart

maybe melting it would make a start.

I want to turn back the gears of time

so I can physically see the innocents in your mind.

I see that shooting stars

in your eyes.

Only you can change who you are

and to break down the wall, to find the little girl behind the lies.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about my Mom. At the time, her and I went through a rough patch in our life. We haven't spoken in four years. The love I have for my Mother is very strong. All I want is for her to change. For her to love me again.

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