Tomorrow Never Comes

August 27, 2008
By Jeremy Mosley, Ardmore, OK

The rain is falling on me
there's darkness all around
and deep inside i'm dying
everytime a raindrop hits the ground
but the rain thats pouring on me
isn't normal rain
the drops are filled with hatred
and the clouds they speak of pain
but the storm it isn't real
its all just in my brain
so no one else can see the clouds
and no one feels the rain
no one sees my sorrow
its hid behind my eyes
and no one knows the truth
of how i look upon a darkened sky
so I'm waiting for TOMORROW
cause its said TOMORROW brings the sun
but I've realized while I'm waiting
YESTERDAY when I fell asleep
my heart was filled with pain
I told myself just wait till TOMORROW
but now TOMORROW is called TODAY
so the rain just keeps on coming
its driving me insane
the drops still say she hates me
and the clouds still see my pain
but everyone else is happy
where'd they find their sun?
I guess for everyone else
their TOMORROW always comes
but she was my TOMORROW
my one escape from pain
but now shes left and gone away
now forever it will rain
so I've accepted that I'm lonely
and flirt with my new friend death
and now my heart will welcome the pain
that I have within my chest
and through this all I've realized
that I'm the only one
that for ME and NO ONE else

The author's comments:
Well i wrote this a while ago my inspiration was this girl that i really had feelings for but it didn't work out

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