Rebecca Anne

August 27, 2008
By Derrick Pierre, Miami Gardens, FL

Although your not here
I will always be for you
It is not my duty to be
I just don’t know anything better to do
Nothing is better than the best also known as you
Nothing and no one tops that
Loving each other like this is the key
Like you do, no one else has ever loved

To that thought I thank you and remind you
Of how important my love shall always be
There for you in all times of need
In rain, hail, and fiery heat

Those shall be my vows to you
For all eternity I am destined to follow
Not as obligation, not as necessity
But as a prophecy of this love so true
For nothing else means more to me

Not a soul I’ve encountered is more precious
Not to any parts of me, not ever, not lately
No one makes me love like there are no rules
With mind, heart, soul and body
And that is why I love you with eternality
Sorry for the rhyming
But it symbolizes our loves melody

We are husband and wife from now, forward
Cherished upon this cherishable day
Our love is truly and very much possibly unheard
Our love is like your smile, eyes and the rest to your face
They may fade slowly though undoubtedly
But it will still make me feel this way

There’s no one else for me
I don’t need to tell you how I know that
Because you trust me as my wifey
And so my words become fact
True to every syllable, every line or curve
Because I love you just like that
And I will never change from these thoughts
With your love I dare not

The author's comments:
i loved a girl once and i thoought she felt the same but instead of that, she asked someone to break up with me and it just happened to be her new boyfriend.. Here i am still in pain; still remembering.

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