The H Word

August 27, 2008
In a field of broken dreams
Crushed memories and weeds of disappointment
Rises some optimistic thing, very similar
A flower of ego with a scent of time well wasted
Many broken hearts and not as many survivors
Speaking of many deaths and much more suicidal faces

Get to the point is what I plan to do
That would mean that I know how you feel
I have been and am still in the pain too
Repeatedly taking blows to the heart
Without an f word clue

Enough of that bull s word
Yeah, the one that gets you believing
Gets you obsessed with the h word
The one that shall be spoken no more
Rude and unwanted it has become
Unfortunately this misfortune has only begun

If it sounds scary, feels worse and doesn’t get any better
Why the hell would you let it go on?
Drugs are not the topic here and neither is death
I speak of fed-up discouraging l words; life and love
Destiny in this matter is diluted by the h word
The most sickening and useless one I’ve so far heard

I will now reveal the murderer
The one of pipe dreams, becoming what you’re not destined for
The one sometimes is the factor of success
But many more of unspeakable failure
Three out of four is the first one

Call me a traitor, deserter, believer
But if I did not have this l word in mind
I would surely have died at labor
For surely I knew what I was coming to
A world of fate and fatality as the ruler
But wait…
I did not, for without experience
There is no happiness, love or second chance
And without hope there is not but a little of this

The turn-around of this lecture
Surprising to you, inspiring to me
We cannot choose how we live or die
We apparently can’t control what happens in between
But hope is the way to find out
Even when you’ve done it all your life
Hope with a side serving of time
Is the definite way to fix or end this
The pain that we feel or don’t want to inside
If there is an end to your trials
Then you have fulfilled your non-refundable destiny
It goes the same the other way
But there’s is no way to find out
If the h word has no beginning

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