Ode to a Caterpillar

February 27, 2013
By RoxanneOrleans BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
RoxanneOrleans BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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You've never been truly appreciated.
Never been known as something beautiful.
Sense of self has never been elevated,
Only humble, always dutiful.
You've never been thought of as ideal.
You look at your reflection and cringe back.
No one sees the sweetness of your soul.
Only matters how you’re seen, not how you feel.
The spiders’ eyes judge you for what you lack.
You’re banished and ignored like a troll.

You’re left alone to love only one friend.
But she is a ladybug loved by all.
Over you, her beauty will always transcend.
And her false friendship will be your downfall.
Together you two used to always be,
Until she caught a glimpse of her reflection.
She turned her back on you and flew up high.
She left you alone in your misery.
She turned away from your affection.
Without her, you feel like you will die.

Deep inside you know that you are stronger.
You have never been one to follow.
You’re like a soldier that will reconquer.
I know there is strength, so don’t you wallow.
Poisedon’s storm does brew inside.
Brighter than the sun, I know you shine.
You just have to harness a happy hope.
There’s really no need for you to hide.
Start that race, leave behind the starting line.
No matter the grade of this future slope.

You feel the weight of it all swallow you whole.
The darkness coming like a tidal wave.
You throw yourself into a rabbit hole.
A quietly, lonely personal cave.
A million thoughts flow around your head.
You’ll never be thought of as ideal.
You’re like a soldier that will reconquer.
Move past the hopefulness of being dead.
This is your brand new fate that you must seal.
Closing that door that will help make you stronger.

Leave your old shell behind as you move on.
That sweet smelling air you feel is freedom.
You turn to look at your reflection.
Looking back, you see beautiful wisdom.
You are no longer the caterpillar.
You've become a beautiful butterfly.
Your wings show individuality.
Compared to the ladybug, you’re stellar.
Nothing holds you back as you flutter by.
Surpassing the hate with finality.

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