Poem of 9/11

February 27, 2013
Chaos everywhere you look,
Almost as if someone took
Your nerves and stretched them all like wire
The chaos makes you quickly tire.
Of this day you'd never dream,
As people let out shrieking screams.
They realize they're going to die,
They hug each other, say "goodbye"
One person stands, says, "This can't be.
Quiet down! Listen to me!
Today we stand and fight like men.
Be the greatest hero there's ever been."
And so they crept up like a mouse,
Their plane was aimed at the White House.
And so they tried with all their might,
They soon took over, controlled the flight
There was no time left to pull back,
They braced themselves for a worse attack.
Thousands of people knelt to pray,
When the Towers fell the fateful day.

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