Headed For Greatness

August 26, 2008
By Jasmine Eltawely, Saint Paul, MN

What's the next stage that we can climb? We've come into another land but we don't know why. Looking around to see other people so concerned with their own lives. But as one of us we have no clue. No ideas or answers as to what we're headed into. The clouds of life are beginning to come together, but my mind's still in yesterday's sun. I'm not ready for the storm that is just up ahead. I stick out, everywhere I go, I stick out. Everyone knows I'm different;I can tell by the expressions on their faces. But I still have hope. Hope to get started on this new life and make a better life for my young. So they can follow the path to greatness, their own way.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this poem when I was in 8th grade at Ramsey Jr. High and our english class took a field trip to the Weismin Art Museum, where we were attending the Young Author's Conference. All of the students involved were required to write a piece that was inspired by one of the photogarphs in the museum. I chose a picture of a woman and her child who had just immigrated to the United States and were on Ellis Island. The look of fear for the unknown on their faces inspired me to write this poem.

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