Her Existence

August 26, 2008
By Heather Cox, Elizabethtown, KY

I’m not gonna lie
Her existence eats away at my soul
Everything that’s left of me begs for fate to make him love only me
The silent pain I have is screaming from the pit of my stomach
Screaming for someone to reach out and erase the shadows of the past
That occupy his thoughts

I try to block out the fact that I’m not the only one
She knows his fears; his weaknesses and his dreams
She’s the one who has been there

I feel that no matter what I do;
No matter how much I love or want him,
I don’t stand a chance.
A chance to make him realize that I can be the one
The one who makes him laugh when he’s down
The one who won’t turn away even when everyone else does
The one who can be his everything
His whole world

If only he knew the pain that I feel being compared to her
I don’t want to be her or anything close
I want him to want ME
To love ME

With every mention of her name, my heart breaks
One more tear falls that he can’t wipe away
I come one more day closer to breaking
I can’t be second
I won’t be
Sadly, she still exists

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