Life lasts forever with you…

August 27, 2008
Too many days alone
not ever knowing what to do
Trying to find someone
to stand next to
I can't stand alone
so I'll stand with you.

All those moments spent...
With a heart so alone
trying to search for you
Not knowing were to find
my one true love

So many times been hurt
so many times felling dumb
but with you ……
So many times of joy
So many times of felling just right

The stars weren't around
The sky no longer blue
No way to wish for you
But I had no need
For I always had you

The world was once cruel
The world was once unfair
Whenever I would reach...
I was taken by world
But someone above looked down
at all my tears, so
they gave me a gift

Yes a gift, a beautiful gift
Even more beautiful than any rose
A gift sent from God
My one special gift
The gift of you…

Written in stone your name
And mine, a sure thing
That was meant to be
Before the stars made
You were mine
You were for me, as I for you

For the first time I'm strong
you make me feel like
my life is the best and will never end
I can't stand alone
So I'll stand with you.

Life Will Last Forever When It's Just Me and You

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sammy dodd said...
Aug. 31, 2008 at 7:01 pm
this is soo cute :]
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