August 1, 2008
By Jeremy Howko, Clio, MI

i hate that you feel im no good
and that i really had you misunderstood.
i love you cant you see
i just want us to be
please dont forget about me
in that head thats filled with dreams.
your amazing in your own way and im sorry i didnt see
im sorry it took me so long to become the old me
i see that your moving on
while im still sitting back watching and trying to be strong
i want us to be once more if you would just unlock that door.
i know i put you down and hurt you really bad
but im different now i wish you would give me the chance so you can see
how much i really want us to be.
and i put you down
i told you i hated the way you dressed but really thats one thing that had me most impreseed
right along with the eyeliner and piercings its two of your best.
your amazing baby im sorry i didnt see im sorry it took me so long to want to be me
i love the way you look at me your eyes are always so bright they tell me not to be scared and that everything will be alright.
i love the way you talk to me and told me that anything was possible.
i love that even though im far away i still feel close to you.
i have your baby inside and this baby is a whole piece of you.
i want us to be baby.
the family that i owe you.
i love you for everything you are and ever could be.
i just really want you back, your my world and mean everything to me.

The author's comments:
hey left me when i was 2 months pregnant. and i love him so!

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