My Fairytale

August 7, 2008
By Audrey Boyer, Blandon, PA

Mirror on the wall,
Tell me my future,
I'm dying to know,
Will he really love me forever,
or did he just make a bet?

No one helped me from my tower,
I tore my fishnets,
And shredded my dress,
Even though it looks better that way.

And that damn dragon,
Broke the heel off my stiletto,
I shoved the rest up his a**,
So I don't think I'll ever see him again.

As I emerged from my collapsing castle,
Skipping on the lava rocks,
I see my knight in shining armor,
Having a picnic with the wh*** a fortress over.

I don't care,
I ran right past him,
I ran to my real knight,
Face full of horse s***,
Handing me a bouquet of hand-picked daisies.

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