August 26, 2008
By Taylor Hall, Martinsburg, WV

I know your doing your best
But that's doesn't make me worry less
I can almost here the guns
And see someones dying son

You can smell the gun powder
As the bombs get louder
You sleep in the cold
Wishing you were home

I can almost see the battle field
And the weapons that you wield
I can smell your dirty clothes
And feel your freezing toes

You cry tears of joy when you get a letter from home
Because it makes you feel less alone
Telling jokes to your new friends
Praying to God you'll see them again

I can imagine your face
When you go home in grace
You know you cheated Death
An you let faith decide the rest

You know where you belong
And you hope you will stay there long
You now close that open door
At last saying goodbye to war

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