A Bird Who Flies

August 25, 2008
By Mindy Pollard, NY, NY

A bird who flies is a soul that’s free.
It soars across the skies so gracefully.
With its wings spread far, it’s a soul that never dies.
In a strong and mighty voice, “I am a free bird”, it cries.
The fire of power burns deeply in its heart.
A flame that was already fierce from the start.
A bird who flies is a bird with no worries.
With a passion as strong as the seven seas.
It looks upon the world beneath its wings.
“Spread your wings and fly”, is the song that it sings.
Across the horizon he flies,
The bird with a soul, pure as the skies.
A bird who flies is a bird that’s free.
Full of grace and wonders may it be.
Let this soul live on forever, and let all people see,
The bird that spread its wings will forever be free.

The author's comments:
This poem was actually inspired by a painting of a eagle that I did in my art class at school. When I painted it, I was reminded of freedom and I got the title from a book I was reading. And this poem was an inspiring piece to me. Enjoy.

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