The Human We Are

February 20, 2013
Through the
Brittle fabric
Of faith

Reach into the
Cold world

Your fist through
the false mirror of love

Wait‘til all
Is gone

How corruptible
The human we are

How lying
And guiltless
And proud.

With one hand
They raise the torch
Of goodwill

With the other
They smash
Goodwill down.

Here’s to the liars
The guiltless
The proud

The ones Who do
For themselves

All the dreamers
Who’ve been brought
Down to shame

Because dreams can be
on the shelves

The funniest joke
Is at others expense

Just laugh
At the lame
And the blind

Rip away truth
Give in to the lies

As long as
we’re happy
we’re fine

here’s to the liars
the guiltless
the proud

aren’t they
a wonderful breed?

We’ll kill
The different
The strange
The new

We are all
That we’ll ever need

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_Zavery_ said...
Apr. 1, 2014 at 5:27 pm
truly amazing, I especially love the last 2 stanzas. Please post some more work soon
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