Shooting star

August 25, 2008
a shooting star i see flying through the sky
how beautiful it is shining bright as the sun itself
I cant believe what i have seen
but i quickly make a wish before it disapearsand
suddenly my life has changed
I'm in a world so beautiful its so hard to explain
everyone I love is there
and the stars are bright above
the nature is the first thing that catches my eye 
Trees and flowers
birds and butterflies
its everything i could ever
and its happening to
How do you go from living in hell
to a world so perfect that noone can tell
My dad is there shining
a bright angel from up
above he's looking down on me and 
to see what he cant believe his daughters
and he looks
around everyones happy 
how could this be how could she be so powerful
to change everything with just one
but now I seeit was not her wish at all
it was her getting better
and realizing that this was never
it was heaven to us all
but it took some time for her to SEE
 That everyone else already new 
the world was always beautiful
sometimes you just have to look a little
closer and remember everything will be ok!!!!

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