Fix The Fate

August 25, 2008
Fingers glued to the spaces in between yours and I'm stuck.
Can't leave you, don't want to, I'm love struck.

When your lips brushed mine,
It felt just fine.

We could always sit for hours and talk.
Though sometimes we prefered a silent walk.

"I love you" were your words of yesturday.
Now they've been replaced by "Sorry" today.
The other words I couldn't contemplate and they ran away.
And it didn't make sense, I had so much to say.

The blame couldn't be put on top of you or me.
Stuff happens, that's why we can't be.

And my explanations won't work this time.
And I can't help you, especially now that I'm not fine.

I wonder if everything for you gets better, would you come back?
Because I'm stuck here waiting and wanting, in the middle of a panic attack.

I can't move on, not when I don't have my heart in me.
It's this I won't get over, the way we can't be.

Yeah, you've stolen not only my heart, but possibly my mind too.
You've erased my will to break off and replaced it with memories of you.

Next time, learn to borrow, since you can't properly steal.
I didn't know it would be temporary, I thought it was real.

Not only is my heart stolen, it's broken too.
I won't keep something shattered inside; that won't do.

So if you can just fix it, that would be great.
If you can't than I guess it was my fate.

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EdwardLovesMe said...
Aug. 28, 2008 at 2:13 am
Woah, I like, this reminds me of New Moon, the section in which Edward leaves !
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