Why I cry

August 25, 2008
By Michael B., Carrollton, TX

When you walk through the door
You see me crying on the floor
Swiftly you ask, “Honey, why are you crying on the floor?”
I answered,” For you are my core and you allow me to soar.”
I cry
Because I am thankful to have you
I cry
For what I am feeling is true
I cry
For I care about you
I cry
Because I love you
I cry
Because the love we share
Is quite rare
Though at times
I fear that you may not be there
Every minute
Of everyday
I am thinking of you
Even though we argue
I love you
Although I feel this way
I fear that you may push me away
That’s why I wonder why you love me
But as I glance into your eyes
I know that you do
Some fail to realize a true blessing
When it’s right in front of them
As sad as this may be, it is the truth
In the end, it all crumbles and falls apart
With you, our love shall not fall
I wish for our love to come from the heart
So no matter where we’ll go
We will go through them together
And never apart

The author's comments:
The one who inspired me to write this was my beloved.

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