Once Upon A Time In Paris

February 19, 2013
Once Upon a Time (in Paris!), the rain
Was heavy on a man's umbrella; dark
Intentions hid (a surprise for the end!)
Nestled in the mischievous clouds of night...
A horror waited to prey on her soul
And she knew the devouring may hurt.

The sting of cold air in Paris may hurt,
But charm has a way of making the rain
A bright sun to a vulnerable soul.
Poison on her lips shined light onto dark
So she laughed, sparkly eyed, through the night
Slurring how she never wants it to end.

But if it's a great thing and not "The End",
Greatness turns into great nightmares which hurt
Those dreaming of fairytales through the night.
She left with her "prince", back into the rain
En route to his castle; a place as dark
As the games charm plays with the hopeful souls.

She gave him her body, but not her soul...
Yet the devil was vicious; at the end
Of every thrust and cry in the hot dark
Sins pushed deeper and lust began to hurt
Her vulnerable soul. She cried, but rain
Wasn't enough to cleanse her from the night.

In the morning they laid; she prayed, but night
Happened before angels could act. Her soul
Became withered from sunlight without rain;
The dirty fairytale needed an end,
A warm bath to soothe all the parts that hurt
From the monsters under covers of night.

She escaped from the castle, her eyes dark
And dead; Her disheveled hair proved their night
To strangers, who saw a bad girl they'd hurt,
Too. The devil thirsts upon a weak soul
And the world is a thirsty place; her end
Is near, but dry in the absence of rain.

Though memories of the dark stained her soul,
She'll step out at night again; time won't end
Yet. She'll fix her own wounds under sheets of rain.

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