The Hurtful Rose

August 26, 2008
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She walks across the sand
With a rose in her hand
And even though the thorns ache
The flower is something she can't shake
With it's beauty her eyes can't lose sight
Of her bleeding hand which doesn't possibly feel right
It must symbolize something, of what she can't tell
Could it be all those times she re-fell
All the stupid things in her past that she has done
Something telling her that life isn't all fun
She's finally happy with where she is at
But that flower wont let her be like that
There is just something she can't let go
A ghost of some sort that wont show
And on a moonlight night
She is stuck with this fight
To try and figure out what she needs
Before her hand overly bleeds
Could it be that she wasn't meant to be complete
That most of her hurt is put on repeat
So she can help those who need her around
That she can get what they are saying without making a sound
She doesn't think she will ever be able to understand
Why she only sees the hurtful rose in her hand

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