August 11, 2008
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You were really never there for me
You really never cared for me
You listen very rarely
I feel very close to you barely
Every thing she did was the most important stuff
Everything i did was never good enough
You're a very small man
and that i will not stand
You weren't there when I needed you
you always had something better to do
i loved spending time with you
but that seems to be the one thing you never wanted to do
So now I have given up, I just don't care
And when i'm asked about you a good response is rare
you don't know how much i have cried
you don't know how long i've sighed
i have learned lessons from you that wearn't good
but i never understood
i've learned to be conceded
and uncompleted
from you i've learned never to have a softer side
and when things get to tough, to run out and hide
i've learned to be cold, as cold as i can be
yet with all the damage you've caused you still can't see
you've torn me apart
and that's just the start
you said i'm not that smart that i'm really slow
you said (not in these words) but bassically i'm a hoe
thank god i don't take after you
or i don't what i'd do
unlike you i grew up
my new fathers a man while your'e still a pup
he may be a dick
but who gives a lick
at least he cares
at least he's there
i know these things sound mean
but my pain will no longer go unseen
i've gone through some changes
and opened up my heart
but in my new happier llife
you are still apart
my new love for others and for you i will show
but htis pain in my heart will never let go
i'm a young women now
that happened..... somehow
i've learned to forgive
but never to forget
my memories of you are bad and sad
but now in many ways i've found hope even though it still hurts i've learned to cope

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