The Great Immigration

May 1, 2008
By chris navarro, South Sioux City, NE

Bush is getting mad
That illegals are coming
But he don’t get that we aint bad
Most of them walk but I’d be running
We just come to get a job
Not to start a freaking mob
Yeah we even get tired
But were just hoping we get hired
If we don’t we just keep trying
Holy crap look theres a helicopter flying
Once again we start running
But its all good we’re good at hiding
Yeah that’s true but one day bush will be sorry
Then that’s when well be eating calamari
After all that we’re bringing more family
And maybe be selling jewelry in an alley
If we don’t get enough money we’ll buy a trailer
Well don’t worry you’ll see more of us later
But now I have to go
Cause here come the popo

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