March 24, 2003

May 8, 2008
By Rachael Benge, Tucson, AZ

That Monday morning I came in,
To wake you
Excited as I was
You promised you’d go
I knocked hard
I walked in to find
Your pale face
I told you to wake up!
But their was no answer
I screamed
And no one came
I went outside
With no one to be found
I yelled God to help
And he sent an angel
Not just any one
He sent yours
I ran back into your room
And pulled your covers off
You didn’t even move
I got on your bed to jump
And you didn’t pull me
Down to tickle me
Like you had before
You looked at me with open eyes
But never blinked
I grabbed your hand
To find it was ice
I cried
But not for me
For You
I their then
That life is a very special gift
Given from one
Greater than oneself
You only get it once
Because once is all you need
You can’t replace it
But at anytime any time
Anything can take it.

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