Spirit Door

May 5, 2008
This door holds many memories inside

Where all of the gloom and fear abides

From the outside a breeze blows by

It’s devious, misdirected, bitter, and wry

Its blackness sets a formidable tone

It gradually creaked open with a groan

Its bleak feeling gave off an uncanny sense

The silence was leading to suspense

I trudged in; soon the door was sealed

Then what was inside was certainly revealed

The desolate stretch was filled with fear

Malicious spirits roam about here

The spirits mourn on this woeful day

All of my thoughts just whittled away

They hoped for release right out that door

But they were invisible; they couldn't do much more

I finally fled this dreadful enclosure

I shielded my eyes due to the sun's exposure

I'm glad I do not have to go through their pain

If you go back to the door, their spirits still remain

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