I Though...

May 2, 2008
Mommy Mommy, Im so happy,
Today I am 2 months old,
I feel sage with you.

Look Mommy my fingers
are starting to grow,
I could now play
with them.

Mommy Mommy , I want to be
out of here, I want you to
play with me ,
look mommy look, I could see
my self in the monitor .

Mommy what are you doing?
dont cry ill soon be there
with you , mommy dont go to
sleep yet, i want to play with you,
dont go to sleep, please mommy please.

Oh look mommy wake up,
somebody brough me a toy
so i cold play with my new hands,
look mommy look.

Mommy wake up my body is hurting ,
mommy mommy please wake up
the toy is tearing my body apart,
please mommy help me help me.

Mommy why arent you helping me,
I though u loved me,
I though you wanted me,
I tough i was the only thing you had,

I will never forget you


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