Girls Who Love Guys

April 23, 2008
By Jasmine Washington, Memphis, TN

They are love struck
And rarely maintain long lasting relationships.
Bouncing from one guy to the next,
unable to control their wandering heart.
They pass out their numbers like a politician seeking office votes
In the night they go unnoticed,
but in the morning they are busy putting on make up
and unnecessary amounts of lip-gloss,
brushing their long black hair and practicing batting their eyelashes trying to look good.
Putting on their shortest of all skirts,
trying to flaunt them in front of the whole student body
Chasing guys far too out of their league,
as if they were first class or even royalty,
worthy of any guy to bow down before them prepared to kiss their feet.
when denied it makes them determined
to catch one of those thousand of fish in the sea,
When they break up, it’s pure madness.
Their spirits are free to roam, not worried about their boyfriends,
they are back on the prowl, hunting guys down left and right
trying their best to memorize cute guys’ faces and numbers.

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