The Ultimate Sacrafice

May 14, 2008
Silent anticipation; quiet reflection.
My sacrafice- a new beginning for those who have an intense desire to parent.

A living soul awakens into a new world.
An incessant high pitch cry billows within the hospital room.
Doctors grant me my newborn child; an everlasting gift.

Cradling my child, embracing my gift from god.
A whimpering child is mollified by the skin-to-skin contact.
Our synchronized hearts beat to the same song.

Fragile eyes stare directly into my absent eyes.
They look beneath my naked soul.
Will the truth of our separation ever be revealed?

Ambivalent feelings of regret, longing, fear, abandonment.
You are my mystical child.
Am I contradicting the law of nature or am I giving you a better life?

So many questions and never a single answer.
It will be the last moment for me to experience your tears of joy, hearbeat, and soul.

There will always be room for you to blossom under a new roof and flourish in years that await.
New parents will promise unconditional love and always remember my ultimate sacrafice.

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