For You Mac<3

February 6, 2013
I am writing this with a sorrowful heart,
I am trying to hold back tears as I type this for you,
You were so young,
Only last week turned a teen,
and now they are planning your funeral,
I dont know what to think,
or how to feel,
you were the sweetest girl I ever met,
all i can say is I hope they find the people who did this to you,
it is a cruel world we live in now-a-days,
raping and killing,
it is just wrong,
I will miss you deeply,
you will always be in my heart,
i will live to make this world a better place,
all i can hope is that you have made it to a better place,
up there with God,
shining in his love,
I will continue to pray for your family and friends to have strength,
i will continue to become a better person,
so when i pass on people will remember me for the good i've done to help others,
I will try and stay strong,
I will try and smile,
I am thankful for the time I have known you,
You will be very missed,
We will always love you!

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