As the Mask Falls

August 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Reality hits
A blade in your heart
Shattering the fragile mirror that reflects
That within you.
You fool
Your naivety like that of an innocent child
And yet…
A split second and you are grown
Spoilt, stained with the harsh words thrown at you
Today the mask falls to reveal
A twisted amorphous shape
The serene beauty that was the mask,
Is now gone.

Do you not miss that simplicity?
Doing as you are told,
Following your elder like a mindless sheep.
They say that “ignorance is bliss”
“youth is wasted on the young”

Now grown and full of nostalgic regret,
I am forced to realize how cold and cruel the world can be
Now seeing a vivid picture,
Of the sad obscurity,
The confusion that is accompanied
Those two solemn phrases…
A loud whisper in my head.

There you stand before me,
As my heart bleeds
I watch with misted eyes
Remembering the god-like figure
That was engraved in my mind
and comparing now in flesh and blood
The true identity…your mistakes before me
As the mask falls

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