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hell for weather hell for company

August 20, 2008
By RridLeR GOLD, Co.wicklow, Other
RridLeR GOLD, Co.wicklow, Other
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"we are here only for eachother,therefore,only for ourselves,selflessly selfish we lie."

Wind, rain, despair sweeps over this clouded nation
My nation,
Everything dark and dank
The citizens showing their true colours now
And each colour has been faded
Down to each single person this place is jaded
These people are dismal, filled with anger
So why cant I leave? I’ve tried
My own sadness and unwillingness to get help put me here
And now I am stuck without escape
Now I will never leave
NO! I must try! I will try!
I will be free from the wretched place
Free from these chains that hold me down
And I will be free from you.

The author's comments:
this piece is about how certain people can be grouped into the same category and can never get free from that title its also about how certain people can pull you down and keep you down with them hense the title "hell for weather hell for company"

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