Hey Moon

August 20, 2008
By Daniela Amado, Panama, ZZ

The world holds your throne
The sun is your crown
The stars are your clones
The night is your gown

You’re white sleeping grace
My eyes sink fairly into
But you hide most of days
Against the light that falls upon you

You feed on sighs, what’s this?
Oh wise marble over blues
If you’re but an ancient myth
A wise roundstone on the loose

Heather sky is your last breath
For when daybreak comes along
Sudden dawn becomes your death
But your wake has just begun

The author's comments:
The other day, I heard a new song called Northern Downpour by Panic at the Disco. Since that day, I couldn't get those flawless verses of the lyrics out of my mind. I grabbed a notebook and wrote a part of the refrain of the song: "Hey moon, please forget to fall down" and then I began writing what that meant to me below it. In no time I had written a poem, and after a zillion times of changing words and re-writing stanzas, I finally got to this version. Thanks, and feel free to comment on my uncoordinate verses.

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DeezeFreeze said...
on May. 10 2012 at 11:02 am
DeezeFreeze, Warwick, New Jersey
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This was awesome :) I enjoyed reading it. I do the same thing and let the lyrics of songs inspire me to draw and write. Great work!

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