I lied

August 20, 2008
I lied alot and I feel bad
it got me nowhere but sorrow
lane. How to get out im so
ashamed? I didnt tell because
I was afraid he would hurt me
in lots of ways. I tried to drop
hints but nothing has seemed
to work the minds are being
careless im not being heard.
I hope someday someone will come
and have the courage not to run
but only to say hurting is bad I
wish I would of an thats too bad.
I lied so much it cut me deep I
prayed and prayed for courage and
strength in hopes that God would
find a way for me. I took the pain until black and blue people asked what happened to you? I simpily said nothing at all in pain and sorrow and this Isn't all. I felt so alone that I felt ther was only one way God himself tells me everyday. The past is the past let today be today he's gone forver hes never coming your way. Forget it all and and focus on me because since church is in your life the grass has gotten green. God also says you survived so encourage others from your mind its okay to tell but not okay to lie!

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