August 20, 2008
Unspoken words
bring the stinging tears,

A burning throat,
and hushed fears.

Choking on silence,
she is the ghost

Dead from past injuries,
she's haunted most

Images fill
the crooked frames

A permanent reminder
of lies and shames

A voice colder
than an icy blade

lies masked behind
the masquerade

Smiling faces
turn upside down

As the voice
brings her to drown

Beautiful words
she prays are real

A moment's laugh
but she doesn't feel

Only the silence
that crushes her bones

His empty words
hit like stones

He reassures
he's honesty

She's the ghost
he won't set free

Under flash
he held her hand

Gave her strength
enough to stand

He held her high
and dropped her heart

Her world disentegrated
as she fell apart

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