123 Messages- Not Enough from You

August 19, 2008
By Jenna Buschmann, Collinsville, OK

I check my e-mail, and the first thing I see,
Is all the messages I saved from you to me,
Tears well up into my hazel eyes,
I know it’s you I truly despise,
I can see your crooked tooth grin,
Not realizing to me, you’ve sinned,
You may be young,
But you’re not dumb,
You knew, you know, I need,
In the devil’s hand you signed the deed,
That took your soul and part of mine,
My Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Valentine,
I read our secret messages in Windings,
No one would find out, would they?
I have a little secret, my secret friend,
I showed them all, and retyped them,
Our text message conversations- the ones you were too nervous to voice,
Are all deleted, mainly your choice,
You said not to tell, right?
Well, you’re future’s not too bright,
Due to the fact, I told everyone I met,
Your secrets, according to you, are not made to be kept,
So I close Outlook, and I sigh as I chomp on my strawberry,
123 messages, thirty from you to me,
I check my deleted messages from the people who are not my friends,
I see your thirty messages all over again.


The author's comments:
I've written another poem about this person, revenge is sweetest when you type it in silence- that is what I do.

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