Where Was The Justice?

August 19, 2008
Where was the justice, on that cold winter day,
When soldiers invaded our home,
And said we couldn’t stay.

They gave us one bag, told us to pack,
We left with bare essentials,
And the clothes on our back.

Where was the justice, when we had to wear the stars?
Six-pointed and yellow,
so obvious and bleak,
Showing the world that we were unique.

First were the slums, then off to the camp,
Shoved in the train cars, dark, crowded, and damp.

Where was the justice? I didn’t understand,
Killed were the old and sick on command.
Shot were the disabled, the weak were gassed,
My mommy was one of them, gone in one blast.

Stripped of our clothes out in the snow,
We looked like skeletons, as our ribs now showed.

Where was the justice? When
I was barely able-bodied but given the chore,
to bury the dead corpse after corpse.

I was told I was being gassed today just as I feared,
What a terrible thought,
Knowing the end is near.

Lined up outside the chamber, waiting to die,
I heard a gunshot, and a Nazi outcry.
English speaking men, shooting them left and right.

Justice had come that day, in the form of American troops,
Invading the camp, letting us go,
I ran from the death, the evil and snow.

Where was the justice? The justice is here.

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