Night of Innocence

August 19, 2008
By Alexis Harold SILVER, King, North Carolina
Alexis Harold SILVER, King, North Carolina
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Swirling breezes whisper to the clouds
Teasing the sun with a simple blow
Picking up the last forgotten leaves
Silver sparkles from natural gems
Illuminating the field of laughter and hope

Pink covering the evening sky lightly
Orange and coral highlighting beauty
A chill begins to take its dutiful place
Dew drops forming of rose buds
Proudly stars begin to take their place

The moon comes into view full
Reflecting the sun's forgotten light
Lighting up the lonely dark forest
Where crickets sing and wolves howl
Introducing that nights prowl

Darkness fades into a light navy
Preparing for a long sleepy rest
Flowers wake up with a pretty dance
Moist pieces of grass start to grow
As birds chirp themselves content

Purple skies fade to a shade of yellow
Light ready to entrance man-kind
Night owls hoot one last time in warning
Warmth creeps upon the ground
The moon gives the world a last wink

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