It's Personal , Myself And I....

August 19, 2008
By Lavetta Dixon, Chicago, IL

I choose to hold on to things that I can hold on to,
I hold on to my dreams, I hold on to my aspirations, but most of all I hold on to you.
You impress me when you do the things you do,
Those are the wonderful things that keep me stuck, that is your glue.
Some say that I'm in too deep,
It's not like that to me, I just found something that I want to keep.

They have things they love like a good movie,
Well that's where I'm coming from, I just like things that are good to me.
And I don't need the world to stand by my decisions,
Even if I had an illness, I wouldn't ask strangers for their prescriptions.

I know what's right for me and I'm true to that,
I don't love him because he says I'm beautiful or that my a** if fat.
I'm not your average girl, I raise the bar,
Not saying that he has to have a high paying job or a nice car,
He just has to be down for me and in it for me, something that he has proven thus far.
I'm just trying to say that I'm a big girl now, and I just know how to navigate my life
I don't need anyone to show me how.

The author's comments:
This Poem Was Written by Lavetta Dixon of Chicago. She says she writes in her spare time - when she's finally able to feel.

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