Last Messiah

August 19, 2008
By Robyn Peterson, Idaho Falls, ID

My blood runs free on down the street,
My body, limp, broken and beat,
Crucifixion done, the beast runs free,
I stand, to plant my malevolent seed.

The Beast, it rose from my bleeding corpse,
It grinned, it howled, and it chewed some more,
It left to kill what it could find,
And I slowly lost my mind.

I called the dead from eternal graves,
I summoned demons, and made them slaves,
I created flames to consume the living,
You've always been taking, but NOW YOU'RE GIVING!

I was no Last Messiah,
You saw my lies too true,
And when you saw the truth, you knew
It was too late for you.

You tried to stop me with mortal hands,
But all that did was burn the land...
You finally slew my loving shell,
But unleashed a darker Hell.

Find salvation in books and text,
Lose yourself in lost regrets,
There is no way out for you,
Now my dream is all but true.

Cities burn and scars will bleed,
Lucifer's risen to take the lead,
Take your death, it's all in hand,
Go on to your "promised land"


We're back where we started...

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