The Descent Is Inevitable, Yet We Climb Until Our Nose Bleeds

August 19, 2008
When you all disappear will I be gone,
or maybe just here waiting,
becoming as I carve through each moment,

becoming as I take a step,
the land cracks from sea to sea,
the planets framework parts,
revealing a crumbling smile,
elevated and ready to run straight,
I can disappear if you close your eyes,
we are running straight on,
past the trees,
which will always remain,
yet someday the rings stop extending,
is this where we digress?
turning around I catch a fleeting glance,
I reach for its ascending figure,
A transmission as allusive as forevers voices,
I am the receiving end,
I tried to absorb the world,
pores congested,
eyes vacant and analytic,
transient I am,
the wind moves through me,
my atoms are parting,
can you see me now?
translucence takes its toll,
we fall with the trees,
like ghosts only our outlines remain,
trace me, trace me,
while I am still external,
I am hollow as I hit the ground.

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