Fragments of Forever

August 19, 2008
By eric velzis, Endwell, NY

We were eternal in a moment,
now concealed by a fragment of forever,
while our bodies drag on,
as strangers in a familiar disguise,
for a second I loved you,
now absent years advance,
time stretching endlessly,
abandoning us at the center,
there is no way to tell,
where to go from here,
does it even matter?

we conserve the dissolving second,
absorbing the remnants of all we ever had,
there is no set beginning,
which leaves no set end,
at the edge of all this,
I do not look down,
but look back,
goodbye my dear,
and I take a step.

The author's comments:
in this poem i try to show the reader how people are always living in the future or in the past, people rarely just sit back and absorb the moment. this poem is about experiancing each fragment of forever because it is all we will ever have, just fregments of time and space.

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