To The Graduates

August 18, 2008
By Shaina Summerville, Rolling Meadows, IL

You walk down the aisle
As I blink back tears.
This year flew by quickly
And will never return.

This day is for you,
A day to be proud.
This day is for joy,
A day for tears to be shed.

You flip your tassels,
At last you are done.
The audience cheers,
Their eyes glowing bright.

I join in,
My sorrow postponed
For a moment.

We embrace one last time,
Will we ever again?
Every last moment prolonged,
We weep bittersweet tears.

We say our goodbyes
As we break our embrace.
The friends I have made
Are so soon torn away.

I wish I could thank you
For all you have done,
There’s so much that I’d say
If I could just find the words.

All you have said
And all you have done
Has helped to make me
Who I am today.

We part for now
And we don’t know for how long,
As one chapter closes,
And another begins.
A new path is before you,
Your whole life is ahead.
You’ll be with me forever,
You have made your mark.
Just always remember,
You’re forever my friend.

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