Forgetting Time

August 18, 2008
Pictures, movies, and small little treasures
Are all I have left of a lifetime of pleasures

Memories are so few and rare
With many great times it seems unfair

I worry that its all waste
Since I can’t even remember my last meals taste

I want to recall those days at the beach
But my brain has encountered a security breech.

Where has it all gone?
My thoughts and emotions feel so withdrawn.

I search and I search, but I can not find
A simple peace of mind

Time is so precious, every bit matters
Suddenly my thought process shatters

I look all around and see where I am
Then no longer is my brain in a jam

My family and friends are all I need
To see the past plantings of history seeds

Through their love and care I begin to realize
That memories should not be idolized

It’s the people you meet and the relationships formed
That makes your life completely warmed.

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