Cape Cod

August 18, 2008
What’s that on the beach?
Washed up by the outgoing tide
Seaweed clinging like a suckerfish on a shark
You get closer and cry for joy
Treasure found!
You pick it up
You draw your hand away with lightening speed
Sharp as a needle
The slap of a rubber band against bare skin
You squeeze your finger
Until the blood oozes out
Your sandy finger goes into your mouth
It tastes warm and salty;
Both your finger and the blood
You bend down and carefully pick it up
A little crushed from being dropped so hastily
It omits a strange smell
Almost rotten, yet appealing to you
You run back to the beach
For once, all is silent
Except for that one cry
That irritating screech
From the one that stole your sandwich earlier
You wanted that sandwich;
It better have enjoyed it
Everybody has gone home
For the light has gone out in the sky
The show of crimsons and violets over
You pound across the parking lot
Rocks cut into your feet
It’s then that you realize
That you forgot your shoes on the beach
But that’s okay
They’ll be there tomorrow
And so will you
Searching for more treasure
Just for mom to throw it away while you aren’t looking
Just as the saying goes,
One man’s trash
Is another girl’s treasure

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